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The powerful lights pierced the dark torrent during that stormy night. Nearing the safe haven towering before me, a small group of infected rushed from my right, however these were quickly mowed down by a GAU-19, mounted at the top of the entrance walls. Upon a closer look, a man stood behind the overpowerring weapon, eyeing me as I safely made my way into the entrance of the fortress towering before me. Inside the main entrance, I noticed the lack of chaos inside, boxes of ammunitions and supplies were neatly stacked in the corners, and the thick tall walls made me feel better. Advancing towards the center, I looked up this towering fortress, behind the fenced windows, I could spot some snipers. Looking back down, at the center of this space, a gate to the interior of the Outpost was now visible with florencent green arrows on the floor. As I entered the gate, it lead me into a long corridor which was being monitored by two cameras (one at each end), and as I reached the other end I came into contact with a small revolving door. Once past the revolving door, I noticed a big screen, there I could see what was being monitored by the cameras in the corridor I just came from, and to my surprise, the immediate surroundings of this Outposts. I saw people gathered close to the screen, looking at the screen while holding their rifles and guns. Resting in this Outpost, I was for the moment safe, however I was also at the front lines against the infected. Outside, the unison moans of the infected had been thunderous, yet inside that maddening sound was unheard. While this was a momentary peace, I gathered myself, preparing to go out into the front lines... again.

Area and Map

GROUND ZERO: One of the main points in this possible upgrade, is that the Outpost will be located close to the epicenter of the Outbreak in Fairview. With this in mind, there is no information if the Outpost will be placed in the Endzone (Black Zone) or in the actual Ground Zero (White Zone).

White zone concept

Concept design of the expanded area. Western part of the map has been taken out just to save time uploading this image, and not from the game.

WHITE ZONE: The "White Zone"  is the name given to "Ground Zero" as a way to contrasted from the Endzone (Black Zone). Although there is nothing white about the area due to it's super increased danger and ferocity (except maybe the Outpost, though this is still a subject of debate among the participating community), the area in the 3D-Map should painted white.


BLOCKS: One of the surrounding blocks should always have a Boss.

MISSIONS: The missions should be extremely difficult yet provide a deserving reward.

  • EXAMPLE 1: Kill 3 Black Titans; and be rewarded Cash: $20,000 (GM $40,000), EXP: 400,000 (GM 800,000).
    *EXAMPLE 2: Kill and push back wave of infected in the same block, or close by, of the Outpost; and be rewarded Cash: $15,000 (GM $30,000), EXP: 150,000 (GM 300,000).
    *EXAMPLE 3: Find/secure key materials for mass production inside the Outpost, such as old electronics (or parts), cement bags, etc..
    Note: An element in these missions should be their focus for team work among players.

LOOTS: The loot around the outpost should be like looting the South End Zone or North End Zone. However, there would be no Looting Spots in the same block of the Outpost. Furthermore, to access any Looting Spot in the White Zone, a player has to travel further into the White Zone to start seeing more Looting spots. At first (in the Outpost Block) there will be no Looting Spots, then as the player goes deeper there will be some few Looting Spots, and eventually after going far enough, the player should find a "normal" amount of these Looting Spots.

INFECTED: It should be noted that even near the Outpost, the density of the infected will be high. Also, because in the future Ground Zero can become a good place to put new infected, some of the infected present in the Endzone should not be present at Ground Zero.

BOSSES: In Ground Zero, the possible Bosses encountered should be: Flaming Wraith, Flaming Giant Spider, and Black Titan.

Concept Art

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Front of the Outpost:


Notice the height being 3 times as tall as the NPC.

The Front of the 5th Outpost can be seen as a tall concrete wall (three stories high). The reason for this design is that once very deep into the epicenter of the infection, the mutation and the quantity of the infected will require at least this type of protection for the people staying there. Under this logic, the added protection for this outpost must also be (at the very least aesthetically) able to keep even Bosses outside the wall (even if none ever show up). Due to the size of Bosses, it is possible for them to try to climb a wall; to counter this possibility, pressure activated saws lined the top. When activated, the saws move into the direction of the outside of the walls, hence anything that reaching the top, will be immediatelly thrown into the streets.

Towards the ends of the Front Wall (corners), a post for the guards protecting the Outpost may be possible to be seen (if one moves close enough to the wall, then again the wall could be too tall). The Outpost Guards will be equiped with a GAU-19 to shoot down nearby infected, while at the same time being protected by an extended metal shielding. Another important element of the Outpost Guards (if they could be seen), is that they are unique to the previous Outpost Guards in that they also have armor*.

  • While the image shows the Outpost Guards wearing a Black Dragon Scale/Mesh as an Homage to DF2, I think that if they were to have an armor (in homage to DF2), the ZRX-H Reactive would provide a much better look. The reason for this is that the ZRX-H Reactive is white in color (hence it will add to the "White Zone" notion) and it has a more unique design. Another important reason is that the Black Dragon Scale/Mesh were done for specific people. A different idea would be for the Outpost Guards to have an entirely new armour, which can be either exclusive for them or "buyable" (through some means).

Sides of the Outpost:

By being on either side of the 5th Outpost, a player can access either of the 2 similar entrances to the inside of the walls. A protective aspect of the 2 entrances is that both are protected by a pair of Outpost Guards equiped with a GAU-19. It is however, for the sake of realistic protection, that the player (once viewing it from the side) cab see how thick the wall are. The player may also see how massive the saws (for aesthetic/realistic purposes) on top of the walls are. Another feauture of the entrances is that both are relatively narrow (after taking into account how spacious is the place and how think are the walls).

A side element to the entrances (as one heads out outside) should be their specialization. One of the entrances should lead to a side of the streets which is cleared, lacking any obstacles, allowing a player (or a group) to kill off more of the infected in a manner that focuses more on aggro control and not so much strategy. The opposing entrance should, on the other hand, lead to an opposing side of the streets in which it is obstructed, allowing a player to kill off the infected in a manner that is more dynamical or strategical.

Top of the Outpost:


From the top view, one can see how within the third wall of the Outpost is laid out. For starters, the top view shows the "decorational" chainsaws at the top of the Outpost. Moreover, in the center area, the player can notice the lack of chaos and random objects. At the Northern-most part of this space, the player may access the Outpost itself.

[this area is under construction]

Back of the Outpost:

The back part of the Outpost will not be visible. This is because the Outpost will be designed to have a similar layout to that of Nastya's Holdout.

Detailed Mini-Map:

The geographical location of the this Outpost (for the purpose of story and realism) is further West from Nastya's Holdout. The Outpost itself consists of an "abandoned" Secronom Private Security development center. The framework of the 5th Outpost and its surrounding was built with the premise of impermeability and secrecy.

The block that leads to the sole entrance to the center (now the 5th Outpost) boasts of 3 walls. The first (outermost) wall is a concrete wall of standard height, though as thick as the walls inside a house. The top of these walls have barbed spikes, making the climbing of these walls nearly impossible as it tears any hand or feet that manages to apply sufficient weight on it. The only to access the entrance of the 5th Outpost (for both human and infected) is by going north using the streets.

The second wall surrounds the upper half of the block, protecting the entrance to the 5th Outpost. This second wall has 3 street-wide openings leading to the intersection of the streets. The walls themselves are similar to the first walls, however the second walls are taller (around the size of a 2 storie building) and twice as thick as the first wall, the protection on top of the building consists of barb wires, however these are mostly intact as the infected (even the few bosses that have attacked) tend to go using the massive entrances.

The third wall is massively thick (approximately enough to have 3 or 4 people along side its thickness), these walls also poccess great height (over 3 times as tall as an adult). The top of these walls have been upgraded by installing chainsaws on top to push away and harm any infected that tries to climb it (though this is mostly aesthetic). These walls have 2 entrances (one facing the East and the other the West), each of these entrances are protected by 2 posts where guards can mow down any infected.

[In progress...]

Inside of the Outpost:

Inside the walls, there is the abandoned development center, a minipolis.

DESCRIPTION: Because of the immense dificulty due to the infected, it makes sense if this Outpost it's not completly surrounded by infected (like Dogg's Stockade, Precinct 13, and Fort Pastor) and in that manner it resembles Nastya's Holdout. The gateway of the Outpost would have two accessible entrances on the west and east ends, respectively. The gateway of the Outpost will also have thick walls and ample space as well as lacking the random objects obstructing the entrance. One entrance will lead to a cleared area (perfect for a team against a boss) while another one will lead to an artificially obstructed road (helpful during an Outpost Attack).

LEADER: Lady Cassandra: Female, petite and peaceful-looking who has the look of a shy, quiet librarian. Her long wavy blond hair (which is tied towards the end) it's mussed-up, though still manages to look appealing. She wears a turtleneck sweater along with baggy sweatpants and an opened cloak. She also has a large satchel slung over one shoulder while having a Vlock XD11 at the side of her hip. She is normally surrounded by old functioning computers and laptops as well as some books. At other times, she would be flanked by two hefty-looking outpost Sentries wearing exterminator helmets, heavy armor, and carrying an XLGunner-8.

Additional Notes/Unusual facts: She dislikes hearing people refer to the old Dr. Who character who has the same name as her (as well as hearing people make jokes about it at her expense).

GUARDS: Another important feature (for the sake of realism), is that the NPCs who are going to be guard have an increased level of protection. A suggestion to this idea could be having each NPCs guarding the entrance from a post at each side of the entrance, in this way, a guard can shoot down the infected from a high ground. Mounted in their post, there would be an unaltered GAU-19/A with an extended shield on the front of the weapon.

[In progress...]

Ending Notes:

Concrete block

The walls of the Outpost should look like the ones found in the PvP Arena. These however would need to be much taller, as well as have a lighter color.

Note 1: Upon closer analysis, I believe it would be more appealing for the Outpost walls to be pure (homogenized) concrete, as seen  in the PvP Arena. However, the concrete walls should have a lighter color in comparison to that of the PvP Areana.

[In progress...]


When (if) the 5th Outpost will be released?

If the 5th Outpost was to be released "soon", it will be at least 2 to 3 years from now.

Why would it take the 5th Outpost so much to be released?

First of all, the game will not go through any big change during another big change. The updates that we are getting right now, is the release of the Level 120 equipment. Hence, it take around one year for these items to get released. In terms of player satisfaction, there will have to be another map expansion to accomodate the new outpost and the White Zone. Looking at player/community growth, it will take at least 2 years from now to have a heavy population to the point were expanding the game will become necessary.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, the 5th Outpost will not be released until lag and multi-player sync has been fixed (debugging and upgrade of the servers, which requires capital and time).

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