Currently The High Shop is just a suggestion. The High Shop is a place any player can access at any time, however, for a player in order to "unlock" the possibility to buy an item, said player must also complete a series of mission-like events. After completing said missions, the player will be allowed to buy the item for which he/her tried to acquired for a fee in cash. The concept behind this idea is to decrease the amount of inflation in the game. 

Because of this update, it is evident that lower tier items might lose value (both in preference and market price) on the long run. To combat this rather decline in the game, the player must also give (along the cash it takes to buy the High Shop item) an item of the same tier level.

Another aspect of the items, is that if compared to those in the Elite Shop, the Armour and Weapons from the High Shop will always rank inferior. The damage or resistance will always be slightly less, while the requirements will be slightly more.


The pseudo-missions (or "achievements") would be specific for the desired item. Here are some examples:

  • Kill a burning zombie
  • kill 50 sirens
  • Barricade
  • Survived for 1 hour while in Critical health
  • Kill 100 Zombies with Melee
  • Kill 100 Zombies with Pistol
  • Loot 500 loots
  • Complete 100 Missions
  • Kill every infected types
  • Kill every special infected types
  • Kill all boss types
  • Loot a 100+ level Weapon
  • Loot a 100+ level Armor
  • Kill 50 Players in PvP
  • Survive a Personal Outpost Attack
  • Go to North-East corner
  • Go to South-East corner
  • Loot certain supplies in the End Zone
  • Meet with certain group in the End Zone
  • Kill certain aggro spike in the End Zone
  • Kill certain Boss infected
  • Kill certain limited edition (for achievement purposes: achivements only?) Boss level infected

Alumiron Armour*Edit

Some specific stats are bound to change.

The player must also give an Armour level 45 (for the Alumiron Mesh) or higher. In the case of the Alumiron Mesh S, a player give along the paid amount, an Armour level 75 or higer.

Alumiron Weapons*Edit

  • Some specific stats are bound to change.
Alumiron Kote

The player must also give Melee Weapon level 50 or higher.